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Study Says Millennial Collectors Have Faulty Grasp of Art’s Value


A new survey from wealth management firm US Trust points to a deep generational divide between how younger and older art collectors think about their holdings. Among other findings, the “Insights on Wealth and Worth” study suggests that rich millennials might be in for a surprise about the future value of their collections.

‘Study Says Millennial Collectors Have Faulty Grasp of Art’s Value’
Artiste | May 23, 2016 | Brian Boucher

Isa Genzken Says She Became an Alcoholic After Her Divorce From Gerhard Richter


The 67-year-old artist Isa Genzken, who works and lives in Berlin, has spoken openly about her alcoholism in a candid interview with the Sunday edition of the German daily Der Tagesspiegel, claiming she had started drinking after the difficult divorce from artist Gerhard Richter.

“I begun to drink and drink—and behave very inappropriately—because of this disaster with my [ex] husband,” she told the paper.

‘Isa Genzken Says She Became an Alcoholic After Her Divorce From Gerhard Richter’
Artnet | May 23, 2016 | Hili Perlson

Virginia Arts Commissioners Threaten to Defund Museum Over “Anti-Christian” Paintings

Hyper Allergic

Members of a Virginia arts commission are calling a pair of Mark Ryden paintings blasphemous and threatening to slash funding for the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) for including them in a forthcoming show. The offending works are the pop-surrealist artist’s “Fountain” (2003) and “Rosie’s Tea Party” (2005), which both show young, doll-like girls in unsettling scenes: In the former, a figure cradles her own head as blood springs from her neck; in the latter, a girl is surrounded by an assortment of meats and slicing a hunk of ham inscribed with the papal encyclical “Mystici corporis Christi.” The paintings go on view starting this weekend as part of Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose, a retrospective celebrating the artworks that have appeared in the pages of the San Francisco–based contemporary art magazine. Besides Ryden, artists showcased include Kehinde Wiley, Olek, and Shepard Fairey.

‘Virginia Arts Commissioners Threaten to Defund Museum Over “Anti-Christian” Paintings’
Hyper Allergic | May 20, 2016 | Claire Voon

Watch JR disappear the Louvre’s pyramid


Though the Parisian artist JR’s work can be viewed as an update of the French Humanist tradition, his projects are multiplied by audience interaction, particularly on social media.

As he told us last year, this form of social interaction is, ultimately, the greater work. So, while his Louvre exhibition opens next Wednesday, 25 May, it has in a sense, already begun as Instagram is currently alive with shots of the show’s central work, his adaptation of the Louvre Pyramid. JR work being pasted up at the Louvre.

‘Watch JR disappear the Louvre’s pyramid’
Phaidon | May 18, 2016

Robots Weave a Carbon Fiber Forest in London

The Creators Project

A high-tech robot is spinning an insect-inspired installation in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s courtyard. The Elytra Filament Pavilion is a canopy of 40 tree-like hexagons made from transparent glass fibers and black carbon fibers woven by an industrual robotic arm. Inspired by the wings of the elytra beetle, a team from the University of Stuttgart developed a process for weaving fibers around a metal frame and curing them to get ultralight structures. Each piece in the 650 sq. ft. installation weighs just under 100 pounds.

‘Robots Weave a Carbon Fiber Forest in London’
The Creators Project | May 18, 2016 | Beckett Mufson


World Architecture

Tate Modern has announced that the new building of Tate Modern designed by Herzog & de Meuron will officially be opened on 17 June 2016. In the new Tate Modern building, Tate will display a greater variety of artworks and show more artists from around the world, presenting an increasingly international view of modern and contemporary art.

World Architecture | May 16, 2016