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Russian Family Poses for Sweet and Surreal Photos with a Real Bear in the Woods

My Modern Met

The last time we saw this 1,400-pound furry subject, he was posing amid feminine fashion models against snowy fairytale-inspired surroundings. Now, Stepan the bear is back, courtesy of Russian photographer Olga Barantseva—but this time, he’s peacefully playing with a family in the forest, as if they’re all part of the same pack.

‘Russian Family Poses for Sweet and Surreal Photos with a Real Bear in the Woods’
My Modern Met | June 28, 2016 | Leah Pellegrini

Huang yong ping snakes 250 meter skeletal serpent through paris’ grand palais


Beneath the immense glass dome of the more than 13,000 square meter nave of paris’ grand palais, franco-chinese artist huang yong ping has formed an immense immersive installation formonumenta — now in its 7th edition.

‘Huang yong ping snakes 250 meter skeletal serpent through paris’ grand palais’
Designboom | May 9, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

Wildlife Portraits Capture Wastelands

The Creators Project

English photographer Nick Brandt first had occasion to visit East Africa in 1995, as the director of the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song.” As many have, he simply “fell in love with the place,” not least with the animals that live there. “That experience shifted my focus in terms of what I wanted to say about the world,” says Brandt, and for almost two decades now, he has exclusively dedicated himself to saying it.

‘Monumental Wildlife Portraits Capture Wastelands Once Roamed’
The Creators Project | April 22, 2016 | Shana Nys Dambrot

Get The Bug Out Insects On The Art Of Geometry

2101Hold your wallpaper rolls down, cause it will bug you if you didn’t hear it is from us first, before you make your next decor decision. What is Jennifer Angus’s motif? Patterns on walls constructed with a myriad of insects, which might be the next interior design hack, as installed in the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC on November 13th. Skull heads made out of insects? A badass move on her part that we would not mind further exploring.
The installation piece, ‘The Midnight Garden’ features 5000 insects, weevils and small beetles all gathered ecologically, using sustainable methods by Angus herself. The hands on artist, a former textile designer, wanted to create a print that was inherently repetitive in itself. The insects displayed on a hot pink wall are not altered in colour; they interweave with each other to create a cohesive print. The iridescent colours of the bugs on the walls mimic a starry night. The intertwining of this unconventional choice of pattern-making creates an immersive impact. Resulting in the insects’ existence morphing from their initial gross-view into beautiful wall ornamentation. The same insects are used each time for every exhibition, as they are delicately boxed away for their next ‘performance’.
The meticulous project intrinsically catches your eye from afar, with the purpose of highlighting the mortality of the insects that corresponds to the mortality of human kind. Stroll around this exhibition to take inspiration and take notes on your next DIY venture in your back garden.