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NYC’s Central Park Photographed in Infrared


Photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani recently took a stroll through New York’s Central Park armed with an infrared lens and took a number of fantastic shots that show the iconic park in a whole new light. The usual green grass and trees are transformed into a bright cotton candy pink which vividly contrasts with the aquamarine sky. The 24-year-old photographer moved to New York from Turin, Italy only two weeks ago and has been busy documenting his views of the city on Instagram. (via BehanceThis Isn’t Happiness)

‘NYC’s Central Park Photographed in Infrared by Paolo Pettigiani’
Colossal | May 20, 2016 | Christopher Jobson

Stain glass art installation that hangs through two floors of Behance’s new NYC offices

Creative Boom

Need something to brighten up your office? But a few colourful pictures just won’t make the impact you want? Check out this insane installation by New York City design studio, Soft Lab, created for Behance’s new offices in the Big Apple.

With the workspace spread out over two floors, Soft Lab was tasked with creating something that would connect the levels via the central staircase. Which is why the stairs became the ideal site to produce an installation that extends to both floors and can be seen from anywhere in the office.

‘Stain glass art installation that hangs through two floors of Behance’s new NYC offices’
Creative Boom | May 19, 2016

A two-hour, virtual reality-enhanced walk through London


There’s a new breed of excitement, often hidden behind a dense smothering of faux-cynicism, pulsing through the veins of the world’s creative industries right now. As virtual reality becomes less virtual and more reality it’s becoming increasingly apparent that artists, photographers, filmmakers, designers and architects are about to pounce. With endless possible applications and limitless creative potential, those who thrive on the extraction of oneself from the “real” world are ready to harness new technology and take their audience to places previously only accessible within the artist’s mind.

‘A two-hour, virtual reality-enhanced walk through London that challenges you to reconsider space and time’
Independent | May 19, 2016 | Milly Burroughs

Punk Portraits Prove Political Leaders Look Better in Pink

The Creators Project

Recently, Donald Trump was mentioned in a single TV news segment 17 times. For those battling Trump fatigue, it is hard to understand the continuing fascination. Thus, I nearly jumped for joy upon seeing Ass Clown by Scott Scheidly, a meticulously rendered pink and purple painting of Trump in full clown makeup.

‘Punk Portraits Prove Political Leaders Look Better in Pink’
The Creators Project | May 18, 2016 | Kara Weisenstein

A Rotating 42-Layer Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head by David Cerny


Located in a busy shopping center in Prague, this twisting and reflective sculpture depicting the head of writer Franz Kafka is the latest kinetic artwork by controversial Czech artist David Cerny. Installed in 2014, the enormous mirrored bust is comprised of 42 independently driven layers of stainless steel and weighs in at some 45 tons. The piece brilliantly reveals Kafka’s tortured personality and unrelenting self doubt that plagued him his entire life. The layering of objects is a common motif for Cerny who built a similar rotating head that also functions as a fountain titled Metalmorphosis. (thnx, Chelsea & Diana!)

‘A Rotating 42-Layer Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head by David Cerny’
Colossal | May 18, 2016 | Christopher Jobson

Soviet Bus Stops Brought Creativity to Remote Landscapes


In 2002, Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig went on a series of bike trips that took him 12 years and across 30,000 kilometers of the former Soviet Union. Too often, when talking about this part of the world, we look to political cornerstones as reference points. The Cold War, the Red Scare, the Iron Curtain, the Thaw… Sometimes, it feels like the most creative thing about the USSR was the Western media’s jargon-filled rhetoric.

But we often forget… Where there is political tension, reactions from the creative community are never too far behind. In this case, it just took a photographer’s eye to connect the dots.

‘Soviet Bus Stops Brought Creativity to Remote Landscapes’
Vantage | May 16, 2016 | Karine Vann

The Mysterious Portraits of Hellen van Meene


Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene is one of the leading Dutch photographers of her generation. During the first part of the 1990s, her work involved intriguing portraits of adolescent girls and women taken in their hometown, her square format photographs stand out for their outstanding lighting, their painstaking, elegant compositions, and their palpable psychological tension.

Van Meene’s natural affinity with the world of puberty, combined with the intimate connection she achieves with her models, means that her powerful portraits leave a deep impression.
Her book ‘The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits’ brings together over 250 images, and is the most complete survey of Hellen van Meene’s photography. Buy on Amazon for $56

‘The Mysterious Portraits of Hellen van Meene’
Trendland | May 16, 2016 | CYRIL FOIRET

Spencer lowell frames views of new york from a 1:1200 architectural scale model


Undoubtedly one of the highlights at the queens museum is ‘the panorama of the city of new york’ — a vast 9,335 square foot architectural model of all five boroughs built to a scale of 1:1200, where one inch equals 100 feet.

‘Spencer lowell frames views of new york from a 1:1200 architectural scale model’
Designboom | May 10, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

Montblanc patron of art edition honors peggy guggenheim with a fountain pen


Montblanc‘s patron of art edition 2016 pays tribute to the outstanding legacy of one of the most influential art collectors and exhibitors of 20th century art, peggy guggenheim, who dedicated most of her life to protecting the art of her time by discovering and nurturing new talent; while building an important collection of works housed today in a venice museum that still carries her name.

‘Montblanc patron of art edition honors peggy guggenheim with a fountain pen’
Designboom | May 9, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

Huang yong ping snakes 250 meter skeletal serpent through paris’ grand palais


Beneath the immense glass dome of the more than 13,000 square meter nave of paris’ grand palais, franco-chinese artist huang yong ping has formed an immense immersive installation formonumenta — now in its 7th edition.

‘Huang yong ping snakes 250 meter skeletal serpent through paris’ grand palais’
Designboom | May 9, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

Explore a Century of Fashion Photography at Condé Nast


From his earliest days as a publisher at the turn of the 19th century, Condé Nast was an astute talent scout, quick to grasp the possibilities presented by photography at the forefront of the avantgarde. He launched the careers of top photographers like Franca Sozzanieager who was eager to capture the best of haute couture. He employed editors and art directors like Diana Vreeland and Alexander Liberman who made the Condé Nast studios in New York, Paris and London laboratories of creativity. And quickly, the pages of his magazines—predominantly his flagship, Vogue, and later Vanity Fair and Glamour—became a major force not only in fashion magazines but in the evolution of visual culture.

‘Explore a Century of Fashion Photography at Condé Nast’
TIME | May 9, 2016 | Rachel Lowry

pop culture icons combined with Van Gogh’s iconic works

Business Insider

Sometimes, accidents end up creating the most beautiful masterpieces — just ask Aja Kusick.
After posting one of her paintings online — an image of the Eiffel Tower in the thick, impasto style of a Van Gogh — an education blog soon posted it on their site and mistakenly attributed it to him. Kusick decided to have a little fun with the whole misunderstanding and took the idea to the extreme. 

‘These gorgeous paintings combine pop culture icons with Van Gogh’s most iconic works’
Bussiness insider | May 9, 2016 | Tim Mulkerin

BORGMAN | LENK suspends behemoth ‘boulder’ within a monastery near leipzig


Inside the monastery church grimma — a 580-year-old structure near leipzig, germany — berlin-based studio BORGMAN | LENK has suspended an enormous ‘stone’ from the building’s historic ceiling

‘BORGMAN | LENK suspends behemoth ‘boulder’ within a monastery near leipzig’
Designboom | May 6, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

How Street Art Raises Neighborhood Housing Prices


Can street art increase the value of your home? The anecdotal answer, based on many English properties selling for up to double their regular prices thanks to the Banksy murals painted on them, is yes. But now a study has been done to determine what, if any, effect street art—and art in general—has on the property values of entire neighborhoods.

‘How Street Art Raises Neighborhood Housing Prices’
co.exist | May 6, 2016 | Charlie Sorrel

100 Year Old Houses


We posted about Zsolt Hlinka work before on a series of images titled Urban Symmetry but he seems to be always producing incredible work. This time we want to share his latest project titled 100 YEAR OLD HOUSES. It’s series of compositions that play with perspective, which is my favorite as you might know. Anyway, check out after the break and you will understand why it deserves to be featured here.

‘100 Year Old Houses’
Abduzeedo | April 27, 2016

Would You Win Jeopardy’s Art-World Lightning Round?


During the second round of Tuesday evening’s Jeopardy! episode, Alex Trebek announced a familiar category for the contemporary art world: The Broad. Since opening in downtown Los Angeles in late September, The Broad (pronounced like “road”) has had Angelenos and visitors to the city queuing around the block of its Diller Scofidio & Renfro-designed home. The museum holds the acclaimed contemporary art collection of Eli and Edythe Broad, including some of the most iconic and superlative artworks and installations by contemporary artists—from Robert Therrien’s looming table and chairs, to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room, to Jeff Koons’s balloons.

‘Would You Win Jeopardy’s Art-World Lightning Round?’
Artsy | April 27, 2016

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

Lonely Planet

In the Gorges du Dades there are some breathtaking bends between walls of rock. Capturing everything from the eruption of a volcano on Réunion Island, a quiet family moment in China, and the winding path of a road in Morocco, the entrants for the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest are sure to get travellers dreaming of their next trip.

‘National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest’
Lonely Planet | April 27, 2016 | Alex Butler

Inspiring Photography Series by Sanja Marusic


Sanja Marusic is a young photographer whose pictures are shot throughout the world, over the countries she visits, and she extracted the landscapes and the most personal possible upgrades. She manages to create a 60’s and 70’s atmosphere, retro-futuristic or psychedelic with models that interact in landscapes with bright and cool colors, objects such as mirrors and fabrics, making the all very enigmatic.

‘Inspiring Photography Series by Sanja Marusic’
Fubiz | April 27, 2016

1940s Fashion Photography


Born in 1915, photographer Genevieve Naylor started in New York City where she moved at the age of 18. After the war, the photographer works for magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and builds her own visual identity that make her an artist with a very special aesthetics. Mashable paid tribute to her stunning portraits made in the 40s, showing women whose style and elegance remain timeless.

‘1940s Fashion Photography’
Fubiz | April 27, 2016

Why these artists are having sex with the earth


One Australian performance group is asking a provocative question: What better way to connect to the earth than through sex?

Pony Express, a collective of four artists, will perform at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne, between May 6-16, at the Next Wave Festival. The show, entitled Ecosexual Bathhouse, is meant to be a “complete sensory environment” according to the group’s fundraising page.

‘Why these artists are having sex with the earth’
Mashable | April 27, 2016 | Chelsea Frisbie

Mash any 2 images together to create beautiful results

Business Insider

People love mashing things together.

And while Photoshop and other programs allow users to do that, not everyone knows how to use them. That’s where Ostagram, a Russian website, comes in. The site allows users to simply upload photos and filters, and mix any two together to create a new image.

‘A Russian website lets users mash any 2 images together to create beautiful — and bizarre — results’
Business Insider | April 26, 2016 | Anjelica Oswald


DIY Photography

The world can be a pretty strange and surreal place as it is, but for those times when it’s not quite weird enough, we can always rely on photographers and image manipulators like Ted Chin to show us things we couldn’t possibly imagine.

DIY Photography | April 26, 2016 | John Aldred

An Interactive Installation Lets You Manipulate Time and Space

The Creators Project

The last we heard from multimedia choreographers Adrien M and Claire B, they’d just released a video spot for The Movement of Air, in which dancers manipulated a variety of projection-mapped tornadoes, smoke columns, and floating papers. In their latest video, which shows off their ever-expanding exhibition XYZT, the two artists show abstract landscapes across four dimensions—the horizontal (X), vertical (Y), depth (Z) and time (T).

‘An Interactive Installation Lets You Manipulate Time and Space’
The Creators Project | April 26, 2016 | DJ Pangburn

Underwater Sculptures Protect Aquatic Ecosystems

My Modern Met

Art and environmental activism often go hand in hand. Such is the case with Jason deCaires Taylor’s incredible aquatic sculptures that seek to celebrate and protect the amazing underwater landscapes of our Earth. His pieces explore the symbiosis between art, nature, and man, with breathtaking installations that evolve and grow through the effects of one on another. With Earth Day having just passed us by, we wanted to commemorate this artist’s exciting union of art with the natural world.

‘Underwater Sculptures Celebrate Life on Earth and Protect Aquatic Ecosystems’
My Modern Met | April 26, 2016 | Kristine Mitchell

Old Paintbrushes Transformed into Famous Ladies


Rebecca Szeto is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California. His work plays with notions of re-forming beauty and value. Influenced by her love for art history, she uses humble and end-of-life materials, to give them a new future. These old paintbrushes were transformed into well-known ladies, of any times : dancers, duchesses, icons of famous paintings, each of them marked their time by their courage, their blackness of soul or on contrary their dedication. All details of these women lives are on her website.

‘Old Paintbrushes Transformed into Famous Ladies’
Fubiz | April 22, 2016

Wildlife Portraits Capture Wastelands

The Creators Project

English photographer Nick Brandt first had occasion to visit East Africa in 1995, as the director of the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song.” As many have, he simply “fell in love with the place,” not least with the animals that live there. “That experience shifted my focus in terms of what I wanted to say about the world,” says Brandt, and for almost two decades now, he has exclusively dedicated himself to saying it.

‘Monumental Wildlife Portraits Capture Wastelands Once Roamed’
The Creators Project | April 22, 2016 | Shana Nys Dambrot

You’re Looking at Art Wrong

The Creators Project

Ryan McGinness‘ approach to art and the art world is sardonic yet earnest, a mature version of the rebellious ethos that defined his youth in 90s skate culture. He’s soft-spoken and very tall, a gentle giant from Virgina Beach, long and far away from his current space on the top floor of a six-story former factory in New York’s Chinatown.

‘Ryan McGinness Thinks You’re Looking at Art Wrong | Studio Visits’
The Creators Project | April 22, 2016 | Beckett Mufson

The artist who stole Banksy’s work


Co-directors Ian Roderick Gray and Dylan Harvey may be as good at performing in front of an audience as they are at calling the shots behind the camera. Their new film, The Banksy Job, looks remarkably like the 2010 mockumentary Exit Through the Gift Shopbut Gray and Harvey maintain that the whole thing is unscripted. During the Q&A after a Tribeca Film Festival screening earlier this week, the pair kept straight faces as they answered questions about their wild protagonist, AK47 (“AK” stands for Art Kaida, his “art terrorist” organization). “You can’t script a madman,” they said.

‘A Documentary About the Artist Who Stole Banksy’s Work Out of Spite’
Hyperallergic |  April 22, 2016 | Alina Cohen

1,400 Square Feet of Candy-Colored Resin


Painter Peter Zimmermann has moved his colorful hues from canvas to floor in his latest exhibition “Freiburg School,” at the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, Germany. The installation is composed of bright blue, pink, and peach resin that appears like a candy-colored lagoon beneath the feet of museum-goers.

‘1,400 Square Feet of Candy-Colored Resin Layered Onto the Floor of a German Museum’
Colossal | April 22, 2016 | Kate Sierzputowski

Placement makes perfect


It’s no secret that good placement can make or break a piece or street art or a mural. That can mean picking the perfect place to install an artwork, or responding to the space that’s available and making something that takes that space into consideration. Think of it this way: Site-specific should mean the work is in some way specific to a site, not simply located at a site. And when art is site-specific, it can make a big difference. Recently, some artists practicing good placement have really caught my eye. Here are a few examples: 

‘Placement makes perfect’
Vandalog | April 20, 2016 | RJ Rushmore

Xavier delory envisions le corbusier’s ronchamp chapel covered in graffiti


Back in 2014, brussels-based artist xavier delory shared with designboom a series of images depicting le corbusier’s villa savoye ransacked and covered with defaced with wall writings.

‘Xavier delory envisions le corbusier’s ronchamp chapel covered in graffiti’
Designboom | April 15, 2016 | Nina Azzarello

Empty Britain: portrait of a nation without any people

The Guardian

From rentakit housing estates to industrial wastelands and deserted roads, photographer Polly Tootal goes beyond picture postcards to capture less celebrated corners of Britain. Look closely – there’s not a tourist in sight.

For her series Unknown Places, photographer Polly Tootal headed out across the UK to show how exotic and odd apparently familiar vistas can appear.

‘Empty Britain: portrait of a nation without any people – in pictures’
The Guardian | April 14, 2016

Nude Portraits Series by Amanda Charchian


Photographer Amanda Charchian offers us nude portraits full of surrealism by creating all kind of game of lights and colors. Her models appear like wood nymphes evolving surrounded by nature. The artist is full of imagination and explores all the particularities landscapes have to offer to create poetic interaction with the body of her venus. The book titled Pheromone Hotbox celebrates her work in a beautiful way.

‘Nude Portraits Series by Amanda Charchian’
Fubiz | March 22, 2016

This Instagram account sees vaginas everywhere


If you can look at the world around you and see vaginas everywhere, then some (I) might say you’re a lucky person. If you look around and don’t see vaginas everywhere, then there’s an Instagram feed to help you out. @Look_At_This_Pussy is the brainchild of Los Angeles 20-somethings Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones.

‘This Instagram account sees vaginas everywhere’
Dazed | March 9, 2016 | Ashleigh Kane



To talk about the art of the 20th century and all its famous painters is to talk about an exciting, complex, groundbreaking period in the history of arts that had broken away from tradition and changed the way we comprehend the arts forever. Rooted so deeply in the immediate socio-political reality of its time as well as the highly influential artistic and technological developments from the end of the 19th century, the art created between 1900 and 2000 is one that goes beyond its pure visual approach, one that hides an intellectual theory behind its mysterious façade, one that reaffirms and denies itself in unprecedented ways.

Widewalls | February 12, 2016 | Angie Kordic

Majestic Underwater Portraits by Phoebe Rudomino


Phoebe Rudomino is a photographer who isn’t afraid of get wet to go capture elegant women portraits or celebrities behind her diving lens. She got specialized in behind-the-scenes stills and video for cinema, TV and advertising. She worked on many aquatic movie shootings like Skyfall, Casino Royale, Atonement, Harry Potter and The Boat That Rocked.

‘Majestic Underwater Portraits by Phoebe Rudomino’
Fubiz | February 5, 2016

10 Great Films about Art and Design


Guys from People of Print teamed up with filmmaker and animator Tommy Levi Morenos to create a list of films that will challenge and inform your understanding of creativity. Together they have cherry picked ten great films that explore the subjects of hands-on crafts and human imagination, hoping to provide inspiration for designers – and indeed anyone who is passionate about visual culture.

’10 Great Films about Art and Design’
Designcollector | February 05, 2016 | Arseny Vesnin

Classical Paintings Rock Modern Tats

The Creators Project

Since its return to Paris, the Mondial du Tatouage has become one of the largest international tattoo exhibitions ever held, with approximately 32,000 people in attendance last year. In anticipation for the upcoming event, Nicolas Amiard, the French digital artist known for his Star Wars-themed vignettes, released a new series of photo manipulations entitled, The Art of Tattoo.

Classical Paintings Rock Modern Tats’
The Creators Project | February 5, 2016 | Nathaniel Ainley

How should we support creativity?

The Guardian

Fancy a creative future? Then look no further than 64 Million Artists, a national campaign that wants to unlock the creativity of everyone in Britain. Throughout January it set short daily creative challenges up to 20 minutes long that were “designed to fit into your day and bring it to life, making you more aware of your surroundings, introducing you to new places and people”.

‘How should we support creativity?’
The Guardian | February 5, 2016 | Susan Jones

Old Paintings, Grotesquely Reanimated

The Creators Project

Antiquated sexts, suicidal scientists, and the end of the world as we know it are just a few of the idle thoughts artist Kiszkiloszki has transformed into GIFs. Like friend of The Creators Project Scorpion Dagger, Kajetan Obarski animates old paintings in absurd modern circumstances, but adds a heap of ickiness. Blood and guts are everywhere in his body of work, and the glee he takes in composing them is evident.The visuals are always compelling, and the pure WTF factor of the scenarios he thinks up are well worth the gore.

‘Old Paintings, Grotesquely Reanimated | GIF Six-Pack’
The Creators Project | February 5, 2016 | Beckett Mufson


Food And Wine

For those begging for a museum experience beyond ankle-aching walk-throughs glancing at portraits and landscapes: there’s hope. Toilet seat lids, volcanic ash, corn—these are just a few of the materials to create the masterpieces in the world’s weirdest museums.

Food And Wine | February 5, 2016 | Jordanna Lippe

The selfie really is a form of art

If it’s good enough for Goya, it’s good enough for you.
Before camera phones were ubiquitous, there was another name for a selfie—a “self portrait”. As the so-titled works by Goya, Gordon Coster, Anthony van Dyck and Edgar Degas below show, sometimes you are your own best subject. 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has compiled a droll selection of old-fashioned “selfies” from its collection in honor of international #museumselfie day, a hashtag campaign today that encourages museum-goers to incorporate themselves as subjects in pictures with the art.
See the entire catalog here

‘The Metropolitan Museum of Art confirms: The selfie really is a form of art’
Quartz | January 20, 2016 | Kate Groetzinger

LA’s Most Instagrammable Walls and Street Art for Snapping Like-Worthy Shots

Call it a survival instinct to be accepted by the tribe (or vanity or whatever), but there’s something insanely satisfying about seeing “Like” notifications blow up on our phones. As any Instagram megastar will tell you, this simple self-esteem booster can require serious scenery scouting in order create the most visually stunning (and double tap-worthy) feed.

‘LA’s Most Instagrammable Walls and Street Art for Snapping Like-Worthy Shots’
LA Racked | January 20, 2016 | DANIELLE DIRECTO-MESTON

Dive inside a Dalí painting with virtual reality


The Dalí Museum takes you through the mind of Salvador Dali in a new VR experience. Bridget Carey goes for a ride and talks to the creators.
The possibilities of virtual reality go way beyond video games.
The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fla. is taking guests on a journey through the mind of Salvador Dali with a new VR experience called, “Dreams of Dali.” Watch CNET Update to learn about the program and how you can experience it at home:

‘Dive inside a Dalí painting with virtual reality’
cnet | January 15, 2016 | Bridget Carey

Skate Park Fills a Former Spanish Church

The Creators Project

A church in Asturias, Spain that was converted into a skate park just got a stunning new coat of paint thanks to Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel. Known for his stunning geometric vistas, San Miguel needed to paint the Church of Santa Barbera, a.k.a., the Kaos Temple, the moment he saw it on the internet. “[The church] with a skate park is an amazing image. I fell in love with the place, because both concepts were so right together,” he tells The Creators Project.

‘Skate Park Fills a Former Spanish Church’
The Creators Project | December 17, 2015 | Beckett Mufson

Weekly Instagram Competition artcube x portraiture

A R T C U B E’s Instagram competition this week celebrated the social craze for capturing portraits aka selfies. Turning this cultural frenzy into a movement for a creative outlook we explored portraiture through finding cool and intriguing representations of facial expressions. Selfie-sticks aside, we put up our favorite portraits from our ‘#artcubexportraiture’ competition. Congratulations for all those who made it to our Top Ten and look out for next week’s theme for a chance to be featured on our blog

1. @blairmcahill

2. @mormaxartist
3. @timiarugenbrink

4. @beejewel1
5. @karenfisherart
6. @tyler_spangler

7. @gjavolottl

8. @relentful
9. @amandakusai

10. @tildetingfinder

Weekly Instagram Competition artcube x MINIMALISM

A R T C U B E went minimal for this week’s Instagram competition. Stripping down to the bare essentials in a reduction process to exclude the unnecessary. We saw that less is more with structured outlines, architectural sophistication and our love for monochromatic photography. We are grateful for all your participation and shared love of the crisp and clean, as we reveal our Top Ten submissions for #artcubexminimalism.

1. @minimalzine

2. @minimal_people

3. @tenshadesofblue

4. @beejewel1

5. @mttmg

6. @theminimalmag

7. @freed_varin

8. @sijeveuxlondon

9. @rosevthompson

10. @luciferi_fineart

Weekly Instagram Competition artcube x FASHION

With A R T C U B E’s personal ‘style-week’ coming to a close we’re ready to show you what we’ve got in our cubic store. Here are our Top Ten submissions of textural, photographic and anything that inspired you for our #artcubexfashion competition. To quote one of the most acclaimed fashion idols on-screen, Carrie Bradshow: ’I like to see my money right where I can see it: in my closet’. And we couldn’t help but add our own little spin; seeing our fashion where we can see it…up on our Instagram. Stay tuned for another competition to be featured on our blog this Monday!

1. mario_sorrenti_2

2. nick_knight

3. unskilledworker

4. jillkellett

5. missnuma

6. keinmagazine

7. meetcreativepeople

8. smashthemag

9. theartanlady

10. paris_sessions

Weekly Instagram Competition: artcube x food

TGIF(ood) with A R T C U B E wrapping up another Instagram competition. We feasted our eyes on your submissions and we may try to resist asking if we could have seconds. From vegans, to vegetarians, to just plain comfort food we mixed it up and are handing it over to you for our Top Ten Instagram posts. Since we all learnt from a young age not to play with our food, we decided to turn it into art. Bon appetit!

1: @onpixel

2 :

3 : @jssowl

4 : @nvallenari

5 : @beejewel1

6 : @lostateminor

7 : @ppenylane

8 : @tchapoutian

9 : @sai_suki_101

10: @hop3fully_

Friday’s Favorites: artcube x DIGITALAGE

We are back (to the future) with another ARTCUBE competition-as we challenged you this week to see the rise of the planet of digital age. It is obvious that art is taking a ride down on Photoshop lane nowadays and has successfully produced work that is arguably as good-if not better – as the original methods used in art. Art caught in an in-between stage of real and virtual, it is a parallel that produces an intriguing body of work. In any case, we are excited to reveal to all of you our Top Ten favorites who have GIFen in their submissions in this tech savvy revolution.

1. @rosadesalvo

2. @dashaloyko

3. @beejewel1

4. @taxcollection

5. @cyansunset

6. @simultan

7. @itsdayton

8. @witchoria

9. @matthewcuster

10. @rikoostenbroek


You know it’s almost thriller night and we were out lurking. We crawled around for the best Instagram posts on this Hallow’s eve and you got us hooked with what we found. These are our Top Ten Instagram posts that made us turn in our graves and our hearts skip a beat. ARTCUBE x Interrupted couldn’t have been more creeped without your participation and thank you for playing trick or treat with us.

1: @gilda_grazia_it

2: @alicialisabrown

3: @lindseyoshields
4: @albe927
5: @blackandwhiteisworththefight
6: @mycrossingofuniverse
7: @meetcreativepeople
8: @artwellguide
9: @the_hassassin
10: @artxdesign

﷯ ﷯ ﷯
﷯ ﷯﷯ ﷯
﷯ ﷯ ﷯

Weekly Instagram Competition artcube x geometric

This week ARTCUBE is loving GEOMETRICS. So, we are looking for your top Instagram posts, either of your own work or your favourite artist that explores geometry. For a chance to be featured on our blog, use the hashtag #artcubexgeometric


Just like The Cure’s, Friday I’m in Love, here are our Top 10 Instagram posts that captured our mutual infatuation for all things geometric and cube-shaped. Fellow ARTCUBErs, thank you to all whom submitted and took part in our Art and Geometry competition. Look out for next week’s Top 10 Instagram posts, because we warn you now, expect to be creeped out -with Halloween just around the corner.

1: @fsgroup

2: @dhavebaj

3: @_Vaslov_Roman_

4: @andriyx

5: @eddierobertssculpture

6: @mayacph

7: @katyanngilmore

8: @micramafi

9: @timiarugenbrink

10: @riin_kaljurand

ARTCUBE loves Vanessa McKeown

0201When you are little, your parents tell you do not play with your food and eat your vegetables – now Vanessa McKeown is making your-five-a-day far more appealing. But maybe not that edible.
The London based art director and graphic designer has gone a little Instagram famous of late, and for good reason. Her quirky and colourful creations playfully juxtapose (dull) everyday objects with food, and are guaranteed to brighten up your day, or at least bring a smile to your face.
McKeown’s imagination seems to know no bounds; she is the real life Willy Wonka. In her land, balloons grow on vines, the Victoria sponge is actually made from sponges and peel back an orange to discover a toy football. In her latest series Good Gone Bad, healthy foods have been mutated with the unhealthy. Corn on the cob has passed over onto the dark side – covered with whipped cream and strawberry sauce, sweetcorn has never been so sweet. However, probably lacks any nutritional value.
What we find particularly intriguing about McKeown’s work is that toy football is actually a toy football – no trickery necessary. She builds her own “sets”, uses minimal equipment and in a field dependent upon Photoshop, it is rather refreshing that what you see is what you get.
McKeown’s crafted and clean imagery is visually fascinating but perhaps not so conceptually rich – she is not trying to fight some sort of political battle here but do we mind? Not really, because that would undermine the happy simplicity of her work – it is all puns and fun.

French Art History in a Nutshell


French art in the popular imagination is often characterized by the dreamy, dauby landscapes of the Impressionists and the bolder, more vibrant work of 20th-century greats living la vie bohème in Paris. But still more of the genres that we associate with the art historical canon were pioneered in France. Pinpointing the very beginning of “French” art may prove an impossible task, but the region has been rich in creative expression since cave paintings were rendered at Lascaux an estimated 17,300 years ago, making them some of the earliest artistic traces in human history.

‘French Art History in a Nutshell’
Artsy | September 26, 2015 | Kate Haveles